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sweatyswag embodies the opportunity to celebrate beauty and goodness in each other through acts of kindness with people you may encounter every day.  You may never know the impact of your actions; do it anyway. I just introduced my be kind. share kindness. concept and below is an opportunity to be kind to yourself and share that kindness with others along your way…


Day 1: BE KIND TO YOURSELF. (do something nice for you. It can be as simple as looking in the mirror and loving what you see)

Day 2: BE KIND TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE.(intentionally go out of your way to show your appreciation for these individuals today).

Day 3: BE KIND TO A STRANGER. (It can be as simple as a smile and a friendly Hello to those you pass by today.

Day 4: INSPIRE KINDNESS. (do something with such authenticity that it inspires others around you to do the same).

Day 5: SHARE KINDNESS: Share this 5 Day Kindness Challenge with someone else and PASS on the KINDNESS.

If you’ve read my entries before you know that I tie my clothing back to the culture I’m trying to create through my clothing line.  My #sweatyswagkindnesschallenge is my opportunity to start pouring more good out into the world and hopefully inspiring others to spread kindness wherever they go! It starts with ONE and right now I am the ONE as I put myself out there to LEAD and LIVE the sweatyswag lifestyle every day.

In my last entry, I talked about my concept sweatyswag, Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. and the importance of creating a meaning and purpose to my clothing line. In a lot of ways, building my brand and culture sweatyswag challenges me every day to live outside my comfort zone by thinking less and doing more. I know there are more of you out there like me that get inside your own head so much that you miss opportunities to share your goodness, talent, and passions with the world. So, for those of you that are like me take sweatyswag as your sign that YOU ARE AWESOME and the world cannot wait to see what you can contribute to it as you start believing in your abilities to change the world.

Some inspired by their beautiful voices, art, ability to make people laugh and the ability to overcome major setbacks and adversity. I believe sweatyswag is my opportunity to inspire thousands by the clothes I make and the culture I create. I can feel it in my bones that my brand has a need in this world and I am doing the world a disservice if I give up and not put myself out there. As I’ve stated before our biggest fears subside in the Sweaty and are ultimately where we will find our greatest successes. The uncomfortable Sweat, the butterflies, the Sweat that is created from the unknown. I want it All and I’m not gonna stop.

What will achieve when you choose to Live in the Sweaty?

If you like my brand and my message please Like and share my post and help me build a community of doers, supporters, and go-getters! “Strong women. May we be them, know them. May we raise them”You are every woman who has inspired my clothing line.

If you can relate to my concept and can commit to loving yourself a little bit more every day while challenging yourself to Live Sweaty  #sweatyswaginspired on Instagram and tell me about it.

“Life is Sweaty. Work it Out” -sweatyswag

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