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Blog Post Entry 27: Control the New

The further along I go in my Stillness practice the more I am convinced that not only am I the biggest contributing factor to not achieving what I intend to set out to do I am also in fact the only one who can contribute to bringing them into existence. Quite simply, if you think you can or think you can't you are right. I have intentionally challenged myself to be bolder in chasing the woman I am in my daydream. What I really mean by that, is if I was not influenced by outside factors, negative internal dialogue and a million other reasons of other external contributors telling me to take a seat and stand back on why I cannot become this woman I would hold myself to the utmost, highest standard on who I can become if I was led by love instead of fear.  Who you are and what you are capable of is simply choosing to take action of choosing not to. Choosing not to is also taking action. By not taking control and forcing action you are simply staying idle and in your comfort zone and can be a quite dangerous place to live. Taking action is the bridge between the woman I am today and the woman I was meant to be.  what would I accomplish, what would WE accomplish if we intentionally focused pouring more of our energy into our strengths, skills and talents instead of what we fall short on? 

I have come to a few conclusions. There is a big divide between who I am now and who I want to become. Through my practice I challenge myself to take action in my day-to-today to align the woman I could be and the woman I am today and continue to take action by creating my bridge. This does not mean I am not proud of the woman I am today, right now, quite the opposite is true. I am very much in love with and proud of who I am today and all that I am in this moment.  So many of us talk a big game about how we will impact, influence and contribute tomorrow. Tomorrow is only a day away, but the truth is tomorrow is a lifetime away if we continue living in the distant tomorrow. When we live for tomorrow, we lose focus of what is happening right in front of us. When we live for tomorrow, we are only tapping the surface. We do not experience and appreciate the life we are living in the now because our attention is elsewhere. Tomorrow is where you think dreams are made, but instead that is where they diminish, disappear without a trace and many times unbeknownst to us because we are blinded by the facade of the promise land tomorrow brings. 

Your call to action today, not tomorrow, is simply to take action in everything you do.  When you decide to take control, you also get to decide where you go from from here on out. When you take control, you are claiming ownership and power and influence over your actions and the outcome be bit it good, bad or indifferent we need to own it, experience it and live through it. 

A quote by Erica Jong explains this best...

"Take your life into your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one is to blame."

Establishing control over your life can be scary because when things do not turn out what you had planned you will have no one to blame but yourself.  I promise you this, when you continue to be bolder in your day-to-day you are manifesting the life you want to live, today. Your perspective begins to shift, and you are developing strength that is led by love. When you are led by love, when you do slip you are able to come back stronger, faster, as you fill yourself back up instead of staying in a state of failure, loss of hope and stinkin thinking. When you are led by love you are not afraid to be a beginner, a student, to learn something new and open to the lessons learned in the environment that surrounds us today. When you are led by love you will dream bigger, step bolder into the unknown and manifest a bridge that takes you from the woman you are today to the woman you want to become. I cannot wait to meet the woman in your(my) daydream. 

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