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Blog Post Entry 28: Fear vs Failure

 Every morning I decide what to take into my new day and what to leave behind. By the end of this entry, I hope I have planted a seed for you to adopt this transformative habit too. I have forced myself to take action and enforce this discipline of doing so for months now and because of developing this discipline it has now become habit. Words such as radiant, bold, magnetic, empowered, engaged, inspired, positive and contributor are what I bring into my new day, every day.  If you connect with me in the real world, I do hope those are some of the words you would use to describe me from the energy I create. I have viewed myself in this way for quite some time, but it wasn't until I became more intentional in aligning how I view myself is also congruent to how you would also view me. Not from a place of seeking approval, but simply to know that I am consistent in manifesting these positive traits and pouring them into the world around me. What we put out into the world matters, our contributions matter and in doing so I have developed a deeper, more meaningful connection with myself, others and my community. I have shifted from being stuck on what is not available to me through my circumstance, shortcomings, my past and instead focus inward toward myself and my light began to shine brighter. It is because of this discipline that I am able to share my light with you today. From there I also decide what heavy to leave behind, as it no longer serves me into my new day. These are easy to identify but more challenging to let go so I sit in my stillness and visualize through connecting my breath with the movement in my mind to inhale the good and exhale the heavy. These include words such as chaos, frustration, quitting, self-doubt, but many times my heavy also encompasses people, places, experiences and other tangible objects that no longer serve me. A powerful shift for me recently revolves around failure. This word was typically part of my heavy and I would leave it behind, but through connecting and observation of my own successes, big and small I realized that failure was also involved. Failure is not the opposite of success it is a part of it. If I were to speak of failure in my daily to you, I would believe that statement to be true, because it is. As an entrepreneur I experience failure often. Let me rephrase, as a human I experience failure often. The disconnect for me is that what I spoke and how I received failure were not aligned. Through stillness such as meditation and mindfulness I was able to identify this detachment.  I am able to shift not only how I viewed failure in my own personal experiences, but how I receive it. When I choose what to bring into my new day words that I suggested above such as empowered, inspired, bold, radiant are a constant, but I have also begun to include failure. Fear stays behind me, but failure stays. Self-doubt goes. Failure stays. Quitting goes. Failure stays. Failure has not only brought me here, but it is also an extension of the very best parts of me. For if there was no failure we would never fully experience and/or appreciate personal growth and success in all of its forms. Through connections with others, I have also realized that failure, many times, is what brings us closer and makes us human. Failure has the ability to bring us together because it keeps us humble, human and flawed. I believe that in order to discover and tap into our potential of who we are are and all we could be lies within failure, strength is found in struggle and a life fulfilled is creating more opportunities for us to fail.  Where there is a will there is a way. Failure is part of the way; the question is which way will go today?


 Just Write is written on a post-it taped to the inside of my computer. As I continue down the road of my own journey of self-development and discovery, I have challenged myself to wake-up each morning and JUST WRITE. These two words inspire me, even when I am feeling empty, to Just Write. I aim for twenty minutes each morning sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always walk away feeling better than I started. These blog entries are the product of following through on this commitment to myself. There is no rhyme or reason other than to Just Write. I am glad you are here. Perhaps I can inspire you to go more in the direction of vulnerability and curiosity of how this simple act can play a part in your overall well-being when YOU JUST WRITE.

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