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Did I get the call from Shark Tank?!

No. (sigh) I did not receive that phone call to advance me to the next round of auditions, but this is not a pity blog post today. In fact, it will be quite the opposite. I mean I REALLY wanted that phone call. Oh, the doors it would open! I did my homework, executed a memorable pitch, I visualized myself on that stage, getting a deal and what it would look like, feel like. I put out the exact energy I wanted reciprocated so badly. I mean I SHARE KINDNESS THROUGH THIS BRAND ALL THE TIME, but it wasn't enough. I wasn't enough. I suppose that casting director couldn't see in me, my brand, my message that so many others do... Yet.

What matters is that I see it in me, I believe in me.

It  IS only fitting that I will need to continue to SWEAT a bit more on my pursuit of growing this brand and message to the status I know it will be. I mean Life IS Sweaty. My whole brand revolves around the SWEAT: The defeat. disappointment, failure and all other words you may use to describe the OPPOSITE of SUCCESS for in this example my SWEAT is all of those things and then some. 

We all have that current Big Sweaty Moment in our Life right now. What is it for you? Identify it. Welcome it. Sweat through It. It is so important that we don't just accept it as is. Life IS what you SWEAT through. As I continue to write these words to YOU I am doing it for me too. So, this is what we are going to do when faced with these big sweaty moments in our life. 

This Moment. This Big Sweaty Moment. Mine and Yours.... 

It is just a MOMENT in your life right now. 

It can SHAPE You.

It can CHALLENGE You. Make you SWEAT,  

but it D O E S N O T D E F I N E Y O U.

Let me say it again... It does NOT define you, only you can do that. If you find yourself falling into the opinions of what others may say about you; you DIG DEEPER. You SWEAT more and FACE yourself head on. You are CAPABLE of achieving what you do in your DAY DREAM. 


You FIND INSPIRATION in the world around you. 



You are going to let your VOICE  be heard. It may be a WHISPER right now, that's OK! What is important is that you have one, no matter how small  right now. And if you don't know where your "voice" is, then you stop and you look inside yourself and you LISTEN for it and you find HER! 

You are going to DREAM BIGGER. The kind of dreams that take you to a different place, because that's where you are going. If we aren't changing we are staying the same and you, my darling, are ready for what's ahead. You are equipped with everything that is needed to MANIFEST your deepest desires. You are ready to SWEAT... more often and maybe more than you are comfortable with, but that's exactly where you will begin to find your SWAG.

I believe we never feel more alive then when faced with the BIG SWEATY MOMENTS on both sides of the spectrum. The really amazing SWEAT such as a wedding day,graduation day, birth of our children, scoring the winning goal/basket of an important game or speaking on something you are passionate about in front of a captive audience. The thrill of the unknown, heart racing, anticipation of how things will end up and sharing these sweaty moments for the rest of your life because these moments SHAPE US.   

Matched with the lowest, tragic and traumatic of SWEAT for as much as we don't want to admit it, these moments shape us too... for the same reasons, the unknown, heart racing, sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs, for we know not what is ahead and we are scared to death because we know we will never be the same because of these lowest moments in our lives as well.

A loss of a loved one, divorce, loss of job, break-up, injury, sickness, disappointment of not getting into the school of our dreams, etc... insert your SWEAT of choice here...and as much as it pains us we find that we also share these moments for the rest of our life because they also SHAPE US and equip us to  handle the SWEAT that is in front of us. 

You see it doesn't matter how we SWEAT.. it's all relative. We all experience the same emotions in the very BEST of our SWEAT and the very WORST of SWEAT and it's OK to celebrate in the BEST of those moments and grieve in the WORST of those moments. WE JUST CAN'T STAY THERE.

They can shape us. They can challenge us. They can make us sweat, but they do not define us. Only you can do that.

Create more opportunities to go in the direction of what makes you sweat and you may just find your sweatyswag. :) 

Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. 

Much love, your fellow sweatyswag sista









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  • Sweat With Every Ache Today (SWEAT) to make tomorrow’s dream come true. You will do it TRACEY!!

    Shirley Jezewski

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