I set out to create a clothing line that you want to wear because it fits into your everyday lifestyle. Great quality fabrics with a function that has a purpose through my messages in unexpected places. My Mission is to inspire others to look for the opportunities in the every day to celebrate yourself and others.

As my brand starts to evolve so does it’s purpose. Fashion and what we wear is such an expression of individuality and what we want to put out into the world without saying a word. sweatyswag takes fashion and comfort beyond the individual and encourages her to share her goodness with others.

I truly believe we would put more good out into the world if we knew what that looked like in our daily lives. You’ll start to notice that what my current collection offers is also connected to an opportunity to share your good out into the world.

My debut collection introduced the sweatyswag concept. I am passionate about assigning a meaning to my name which is why I defined it. sweaty: the physical and emotional feeling that drips deep into your soul. swag: How you deal with what has been dealt and still have a thirst and want to quench it. My tagline, Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. is recognizing that Life IS Sweaty and goes way beyond the formal definition of sweat that drips down our faces during a workout. It’s the uncomfortable Sweat, the Sweat that keeps us awake at night. It’s identifying that Life happens differently for each one of us, but we have the choice to determine if it happens to us or for us. That uncomfortable feeling that can either hold us back or catapult us to our greatest successes. That IS sweatyswag!

I don’t care who you are or what you do there will always be a time that you will need a reminder that you are enough. sweatyswag is that reminder on those days you lose yourself.

We all have different motivators that challenge us to live outside our comfort zone. For me, it’s my two beautiful children that inspire me to go after my dreams so they will go after theirs. What motivates you?

If you like my story please share yours on Facebook tag #sweatyswag or share on my page sweatyswag and tell me how my brand and concept has a purpose in your life. That will define my success; knowing that I can inspire others through my clothing.

Life is Sweaty. Work it Out.


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