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I'm building my brand on Connection...


CONNECTION is a word I talk about a lot and expand on especially when it comes to kindness. At some level WE ALL WANT TO FEEL CONNECTED, be a part of something and if you say you don't I am calling bullshit right now! sweatyswag allows me the opportunity to connect with women all over and am inspired by all of you and how this brand has become part of your story. 

If you are reading this post right now, and I am pretty sure you are, we are connected. At one moment I sat here and wrote these words and at this moment you are sitting there reading them. CONNECTION.  

When we look in the mirror we can choose to CONNECT with the reflection or DISCONNECT ourselves from that same reflection.  The choice is yours (and I hope you choose connection) and I believe if we have a strong sense of self-love  and consistently pour love on ourselves it is a bit easier to connect to that beautiful face in the mirror (and others).

When we walk out the door CONNECTION is everywhere it's just a matter of if we will seek it out and welcome it into our lives, our busy, busy, lives. Think of how many people you may pass on Any Given Sunday (I really liked that movie) but seriously on any given day how many people do you brush past, walk past as if they don't exist and in return how many walk past, brush past you as if you don't exist?  LACK OF CONNECTION. Just writing this makes me a little sad. 

I have young kids and I'm always encouraging my kids to make a new friend, use  manners, look people in the eye, try something new, get involved, but at what age did we outgrow this? 

I've had some amazing CONNECTIONS with people,  you know, other people just like us, doing this Life thing through my ability to create CONNECTION and I'm sure I missed out on many because due to  my lack of connecting with others at times. 

I do Acts of Kindness every month, on the 21st and I create opportunities to "connect" with others just because I love that I hold the power to possibly change the course of your whole day by just being "nice" and if I can create even the slightest shift of how you view yourself, your day, hell, even that moment then I become part of what is good in this world and that is something I can feel good about. 

There are far too many people walking around this world or should I say far too many people walking around our communities that that could benefit from OUR CONNECTIONS that we can create with just a smile and sincerity that I will no longer deliberately walk past, brush past You as if you don't exist in hopes that you will do the same for me. Because, You Do Exist. We all Exist. 

The message of my blog today is simple... There are going to be times that I hold the power to shift your mindset, your mood and even how you view yourself. It doesn't matter if we do or don't know each other. I hope that I use my power for good during those times. Then there will be the days that You will hold the power to do the same for me and on those days I hope do SEE ME. RECOGNIZE ME and realize YOU HOLD THE POWER  TO CREATE CONNECTION and BE THE GOOD in the someone else's day. .How awesome does that sound? 

We all have the power to be the GOOD in someone's day; everyday.  We are all fighting battles we can't see and you may think you don't need it, but it feels good to feel seen, understood and at some level, loved by your fellow neighbor. That's the world I want my kids to live in so that is the world I choose to create around me. You can't  always see it  and you will need to feel it and seek it out often and it will take practice, but WE ARE ALL WORTH IT. 

CONNECTION. Seek it out and create it, but most importantly accept it when it comes back to you. :) 


I hope you connect with someone today! Share in the comments below how you created CONNECTION.


Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. 














You, right now reading this ost are connected to me, in some way. 

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