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Just Entry Blog 24: Be Still

I wake up every day and welcome this quiet and stillness of a new day. Every day I show up to this stillness with the no other expectation other than experiencing and living in this moment, pausing long enough to feel everything and let go of anything that is heavy and no longer serves my body mind and soul. What started as an experiment has now become a way of life. We are what we repeatedly do and through the habit of simply taking action I have begun to go through a transformation that has changed me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each morning I re-commit to this practice of stillness and it is here that I am able to strengthen my relationship to myself. It is here that I listen to my inner self, love on her, listen to her, but most importantly believe in her ability to pursue whatever it is she is after. Here, her goals may change, her confidence may waver, and she may ask many questions that she does not yet know the answer to, it is ok. My stillness will look different than yours and on many days your stillness will come to you in different ways as well. That is the beauty of stillness. Be confident that yours will lead you where you need to go from here and commit to show up for her (yourself) every day. 

To get you started in creating your own stillness I ask you....

If you could be doing anything, what would you be doing?  Perhaps, this is the first question that will begin to manifest movement in your mind that may just be the tipping point of your own journey of self-discovery of living a life you love, every day. 




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