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Just Entry Blog Post 21: What We Crave

Just Write is written on a post-it taped to the inside of my computer. As I continue down the road of my own journey of self-development and discovery, I have challenged myself to wake-up each morning and JUST WRITE. These two words inspire me, even when I am feeling empty, to Just Write. I aim for twenty minutes each morning sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always walk away feeling better than I started. These blog entries are the product of following through on this commitment to myself. There is no rhyme or reason other than to Just Write. I am glad you are here. Perhaps I can inspire you to go more in the direction of vulnerability and curiosity  of how this simple act can play a part in your overall well-being when YOU JUST WRITE .


We crave what we eat. What we put into our body tells a story, but will you take the time to research the author (you) and really listen to the story being told with our body, mind and actions. What we crave is a compilation of everything we feed ourselves, literally, but more importantly what we feed our mind and soul. Healthy mind equals healthy body, and the opposite is also true healthy body equals healthy mind. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning there is a smorgasbord of "food" all around us, all-consuming and ours for the taking. We are surrounded by temptation, allure, pressure of being told what we should crave, how we should act and who we should be. We need to do more to pause and ask ourselves the question what do we crave? No more junk food values. When we are alone in our own thoughts what is it that we desire? Have you even stopped moving long enough to ask yourself questions like this? Every single one of us has the innate ability to create stillness in our day-to-day. It is simply a matter of choice.  Answers can be found in an instant forming an opinion for you and coming to conclusions that may even satisfy you and justify your actions on why you continue to settle even knowing you are capable of so much more.  Where are the questions? Not sure where to start? It starts with one. One moment of stillness. One minute of being present and an observer of our thoughts. Not leading, but not following either; simply just an observer of where your mind takes you when you begin to ask questions such as what do you crave? When we are not being influenced by media, friends, family, peers, and our environment. What is it our body, mind and soul is calling for? What is it that you desire? When no one is around who do you aspire to become? The answers will come, but perhaps not in the way you expect them to appear. Be patient. A virtue that has seems to have left our society a long time ago. The teacher appears when the student is ready. It is time to sit in stillness and discover who you are when you are not under the influence of what society tells you who you should be and what you should value. It is time to quiet the noise that surrounds us and ask ourselves

" If I could be doing anything, what kind of work would I be doing?"

...and simply create the life you crave and desire.  

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