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Just Write 16: You Are Who YOU Say You Are...

Just Write is written on a post-it taped to the inside of my computer. As I continue down the road of my own journey of self-development and discovery, I have challenged myself to wake-up each morning and JUST WRITE. These two words inspire me, even when I am feeling empty, to Just Write. I aim for twenty minutes each morning sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always walk away feeling better than I started. These blog entries are the product of following through on this commitment to myself. There is no rhyme or reason other than to Just Write. I am glad you are here. Perhaps I can inspire you to go more in the direction of vulnerability and curiosity  of how this simple act can play a part in your overall well-being when YOU JUST WRITE .



You are NOT who YOU say are. YOU are WHO YOU say YOU are. Well, which one is it? The first is allowing someone else to take control and define who you are.  Don't fool yourself, words alone are not enough. The latter is when you decide to take CONTROL and show the world who you are through your ACTIONS. Action is important. It is a conscious choice to do or not to do.  Any deviation from this and it is if an imposter is taking over and telling you how to act and feel and experience this life. When we feel as if we are not in control it is easy to blame someone/something else for our circumstance, shortcoming, failures, setbacks, crisis, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. 

You are who you say you are. How empowering is that? To write it is one thing, but to believe it is a bit more complicated. Sit here in your thoughts and direct them inward toward yourself. Maybe close your eyes and wander in your mind. Remember, all who wander are not lost so do your best to not tell yourself where to go rather just enjoy the journey. 

You are who you say you are. Is the third time the charm? Has the context of this statement began to sink in yet? What adjectives have you gathered so far as to how you would describe who YOU are? You have time.  I will wait, but will you sit in your stillness long enough to answer this very important question? I challenge you to pick up a pencil and write it out. Take action, there is that word again. Action. How will YOU take action? Answer the question. Is it true that if you believe you are  others believe you are, too?    Write it down. By putting pen to paper you are beginning to take ownership. I like where this is headed, keep going.

You are who you say you are. Who are you when know one is looking? Are you the person you want to be around, share your energy with? Have a future with? Sit in this moment with? Be honest. Honestly, I want to see you be brave. Face your truth. Own your truth and decide where you go from here.

You are who you say you are. A friend or foe? Someone who raises the bar or one who simply stays comfortable at the status quo? Both are dangerous, you know, foe and status quo.

You are who you say you are. If I asked you, what would you say? Write it down. Sit in this moment. Who are you when you are not being defined by others expectations of what you should be? 

You are who you say you are. Continue to drown out the noise and let the silence speak to you, better yet, let the silence move you, where will you go? 

You are who you say you are. Not your yesterdays or tomorrows, but right now. Your story exists because you exist and you get to write the story and decide where to go from here. Existing is not enough for you though, is it? But taking action to shift from merely existing to living, experiencing, feeling, now that is interesting.

You are who you say you are, aren't you? 

Who are you?

The journey in your mind is only part of your being.

Any transformation begins with taking action, first within in your mind and next in step. Pen in hand. Ask the questions, stay curious, but answer the question you have put in front of yourself. Write your story truly, madly, deeply and share it with the world. The world has many gifts to offer along your journey, but you must make the first move.



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