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Just Write Blog Entry 22:

Ending is hard. The truth is, so are the beginnings. Have you yet come to the realization that you are equipped to handle hard things? There is a bit of fear in every ending and beginning. The ending is final. Not knowing where we go from here or there. There is no tomorrow, shoulda, coulda, woulda when a chapter or season has come to an end. That can hit us deep down in our soul. Beginnings are hard too. Procrastination is easy and it is weak. I will start changing my lifestyle tomorrow. I will start to chase my dreams tomorrow. I will quit the dead-end job tomorrow, leave the abusive relationship tomorrow. tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Now.  The NOW is where we need to live more often. Instead, fear is holding us back from experiencing all beginnings and endings have to offer and the in between, the Now, that is where life is happening.The NOW is where the magic is manifesting, in the everyday moments. Every moment has the opporutnity to shape us, teach us, inspire us, but we have to be open to it.  Life happens, time goes by and it will leave you or lead you if you allow it.   Let us shift to be led by love, passion and the desire to want more out of this life.

Imagine where you would be, who you would meet, where you would go when you are not being led by fear? NOW, go more in the direction of living without fear. 

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