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Just Write Blog Entry 25: Creating Connection through Stillness

STILLNESS that INSPIRES movement and CHANGE manifests the moment we begin to reCONNECT with ourselves through creating simple DAILY HABITS and taking ACTION.

In our first Caffeinated Connection we brought awareness to the practice of stillness. Through my words I hope to have ignited a spark inside each one of you to go more in the direction of creating Stillness and experience living in the Now. If you missed Part 1, I have included some inspiration for you below to set the stage.  

In Part 2, we begin to search, discover and define what your non-negotiables are and take Action to create the life we want to live Now. For those who are ready to make a change I will be leading the 7 Day Connection Challenge that was passed out at the Cafe. Because this is a living, breathing experiment that I am constantly editing and improving upon, I have already updated the Challenge you have.  This Challenge will be the last full week in January (January 19-25th) and can be executed from anywhere. This Challenge will be FREE and is a way of showing thanks for allowing me to connect and share our energy in this way. I am personally grateful that through our gym community I have already established a relationship with all of you. However, to receive the full effect of how this simple 7 Day Connection Challenge can impact others I would love for you to forward this e-mail onto someone I do not know in hopes of inspiring and empowering women whom I do not yet have a relationship with.  This will give me the opportunity to continue to improve upon, edit and shift as I continue to create this Format and many more to unleash to the masses in 2022. I also think it is important to know, by your participation, you are directly having an impact on my life and hope that makes you feel connected and purposeful. 

Taking ACTION is the tipping point. Waking up and making a conscious choice to shift from just going through the motions to experiencing, feeling and living in the Now. Creating stillness, daily habits and taking action will look and feel different for everyone at any given moment and that is exactly why this practice will work, if you allow it to. There is no wrong way and no expectation other than to continue to re-commit daily. By making a commitment to yourself to wake-up each day and create simple habits and routine an attitude of gratitude will emerge.  It is in this quiet you create an opportunity to ask questions by never saying a word and then force yourself to sit in the Now and listen. The answers will come to the questions you seek although it may not be in the forms you expect it to. It is imperative we trust the process and continue to practice seizing the day and be open to receiving answers in all of its forms; be it in Stillness, nature, an interaction with a stranger, quote, art, song lyric, or a whisper from within. We are what we repeatedly do and by living this way, you will strengthen your connection to yourself and ultimately how you connect with others. You will begin to shift from surviving the chaos of each day and instead experience living in the Now and finding joy in the ordinary. By making Stillness a priority you are also making yourself a priority and will begin to experience your day-to-day with all senses firing. You will develop a perspective that life does not happen to you, it happens through you. You will build a foundation that is impossible to destroy and because you created this foundation your inner light will shine brighter, and you will never be more confident as you are Now. Embrace it. Welcome it. Be open to it. This is change manifesting within and through practice it will begin to spill out into other areas of your life. Living in the Now is not a final destination, it is fluid and needs to be nurtured daily. This is also where you will discover happiness and joy. 

Take ACTION NOW by replying to this e-mail and COMMIT to going ALL-IN for this Challenge. Next, mark the dates on your calendar and begin to wake-up each morning (between now and then) and write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you love about yourself. They can be the same 3 things every day or different. Challenge yourself to do this at the same time every day. By doing this simple act you are already beginning to manifest change and connecting to yourself that will set you up for success in this Connection Challenge. Also, know that by committing to do so you are not only going to evolve throughout the duration of this Challenge, so am I. This is my next Action step in empowering women to go more in the direction of what makes them sweat, physically, mentally, and emotionally. By exposing my vulnerability, I hope to challenge you to embrace yours and use it as a tool in connecting with yourself, each other and your community to live the life you dream about

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