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Just Write Blog Entry 10: Do What Scares You the Most

Just Write is written on a post-it taped to the inside of my computer. As I continue down the road of my own journey of self-development and discovery, I have challenged myself to wake-up each morning and JUST WRITE. These two words inspire me, even when I am feeling empty, to Just Write. I aim for twenty minutes each morning sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always walk away feeling better than I started. These blog entries are the product of following through on this commitment to myself. There is no rhyme or reason other than to Just Write. I am glad you are here. Perhaps I can inspire you to go more in the direction of vulnerability and curiosity  of how this simple act can play a part in your overall well-being when YOU JUST WRITE .


 Eleanor Roosevelt once said you must do the thing you think you cannot do.  I am also inspired by is Vincent Van Gogh's rendition of saying the same, If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.  HmmI sit here and ponder what IS the THING that I cannot do? I am inspired and challenged by the idea of heading into the direction and confronting what I think I cannot do and then doing it. Perhaps I am selling myself short here as I sit here in my thoughts grabbing at what I think I cannot do and...nothing. Is it because I have done some of the things that I once thought I could not do or is it my lack of desire or imagination to dream bigger and live more boldly that leaves me with no answer? Has  my expectation of myself and what I am capable of leave me contained into a pretty little box; existing not really living?  A pretty little box where I am comfortable, content and keep things controlled and predictable. Even as I reread that last sentence I feel a bit slighted because I do think I have created boundaries for myself that has kept me contained for quite some time. Boundaries that may have kept me safe, warm and liked. Boundaries that have also kept me from sharing my unique gifts with the world because of the voice within me say that dreaming bigger, living more boldly is something others do who are more gifted than you. I live a good life and do challenge myself to continue to evolve into who I am becoming, but do I live a great life? One where I may be scared, but the mindset to know that I am limitless and am destined for greatness.  This box I have put myself in may be pretty, but I AM meant for more, WE are meant for more. It is time to do the thing that  we think we  cannot do.  The thing that is so out of out our pretty little box; envision it, reach for it and confront it head on. Less Pretty. More Ugly. Less Comfort. More Struggle. Less Breakdown. More Breakthrough. Less Limitation. More Possibility. It is time to shift from merely existing to living more boldly. To go confidently in the direction of what scares us the most and do the THE THING we think we cannot do. The pretty little box is quite simply  our own thoughts. How will you bust open your box today? The world is waiting for your gifts. 

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