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Just Write Blog Post 29: Get LIT!

Is today the day you decide to take ACTION? Is today the day you choose what to bring into your new day and what to leave behind? Is today the day you start to take CONTROL and leave your heavy behind? Self-doubt, fear, circumstance, frustration, incompetence, no longer serves you today and through practice you will learn to eliminate them from your today's here on out. Today is THE most important day of the week and the beauty is that you get to choose getting LIT (Living In Today) over and over on your journey of designing the life you desire to acquire. 

Through the art of Stillness you will welcome losing control of your mind as you begin to regain focus, clarity, strength and discover your best functioning self, mind, body and soul. It is through the practice of routine, force and creating simple habits that you will create the momentum needed to go more in the direction of your goals. How you view yourself and how others view you become aligned (with practice) because of the deeper more meaningful relationship you are building with yourself right now, in this moment. By Living In Today you will experience each moment intentionally.  Right now, wherever you are, close your eyes and be still in this moment. Welcome the stillness with all senses firing and do not get discouraged as this may take some time. You are still now in body. Enjoy this physical stillness in your body as you pause, and your mind catches up with the stillness of your body. How do you feel in this moment? Take the time and experience what you are feeling in this moment and stay with these feelings. What do you hear, smell, feel and taste? As you flutter your eyes back open again what tiny miracles are happening all around you. These tiny miracles and beauty are all around us and reveal themselves the moment we decide to get Living In Today. (LIT) Gone are the moments you just let pass you by with no indication that they were ever here because you were too distracted from LIVING in the moment. This moment just like the one before it and the the one that lies ahead and is the most important moment of your life and we need to treat it as so. For, when all of the moments of your life are strung together and CONNECTED the story of your life begins to reveal itself. Is the story that lies before you the one that you imagined?  It is in this moment that the rest of our moments will begin to be shaped. You decide where to go from here. What you manifest in this moment matters and YOU have the power to generate the force needed to Live a Great Story one... MOMENT... at.. a... time. 

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