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Just Write Entry 15: Believe it is Decidedly So...

Just Write is written on a post-it taped to the inside of my computer. As I continue down the road of my own journey of self-development and discovery, I have challenged myself to wake-up each morning and JUST WRITE. These two words inspire me, even when I am feeling empty, to Just Write. I aim for twenty minutes each morning sometimes less, sometimes more, but I always walk away feeling better than I started. These blog entries are the product of following through on this commitment to myself. There is no rhyme or reason other than to Just Write. I am glad you are here. Perhaps I can inspire you to go more in the direction of vulnerability and curiosity  of how this simple act can play a part in your overall well-being when YOU JUST WRITE .


Today marks the beginning of  what you decide. Today's beginning may call for the start of a new moment, mindset, day, or grander such as the beginning of the rest of your life. I guess they are both one in the same you know. Because the moment we decide where to go, in a sense, that is the beginning of the rest of your life. Death and taxes, isn't that the expression we know as the only two things we can know for sure in this world? I say life is what happens to us and what happens within us. Although we cannot control what comes into our lives, good, bad, or indifferent we can absolutely control how we react to it and how we go through it.  An excerpt from the Motivation Manifesto reads:

"Two things can change our lives. Either something new comes into our lives or something new comes from within" 

When given the choice between the two I will always choose to practice how to live from within. When we can learn to understand that  life does not happen to us as it manifests through us.  New jobs, friends, foes, relationships, experiences, where we live, who we choose to spend our time with, death and taxes, new job, loss of job, sickness and health, good or bad, we must remember that we always have the power to choose. Believe it is decidedly so and so it should be. Do not overcomplicate it or justify the series of unfortunate events that seems to transpire in your life.  Although our past can shape us it does  not define us, only we can do that. We must learn how to live in the now and continue to train our brains, mind and bodies to be present in the now. Show gratitude in the Now. Live in the Now. Start Now. Some of us live in the past, always diverting to past experiences and placing blame anywhere onto anyone else as to why their life now is  mediocre at best. A glimpse of how "great" their life used to be and simply stuck in a mindset that will fail you over and over. It simply cannot be my fault why I cannot achieve greatness, it is because of what has happened to me that I have turned out this way. When we live in the past we are safe here, but we are the victim. When we are the victim we no longer take responsibility, numb and missing all of what the present moment has to offer. Placing their shortcomings on anyone/anything else other than themselves. Then there are those who live in the future. Some may use this kind of mindset as a way to escape the now and avoid taking responsibility of what life is in the present. When the kids are older, when I quit my job, when I have more time, when I leave my spouse, when I have more money,  when I move, life will be better. Tomorrow is the busiest day of the week, right?  Thinking in this way may give hope, but it is false and holds no substance. Those who think in this way miss out on so much, merely existing, surviving, daydreaming on a life they wish to have if things can only go their way.  Then there are those who learn to shift from just living, existing, surviving to living in the now. Living in the Now allows us to just be present in every moment. To feel, to love, not void of failure, loss and sorrow,  but allowing ourselves to feel all of it and decide where to go from there.  In the Now, we learn to be more present parents, better partners, friends, we become contributors to society, each other and ultimately ourselves. When we live in the Now, we discover that we are connected to our thoughts, body, universe and each other. When we feel connected to something else other than ourselves we find purpose and quite frankly, save us from ourselves. What we do and what we say has substance and the power to choose lies within us. When we live in the Now we challenge ourselves to slow down and be an observer of the beauty that exists all around us, but more importantly, the beauty that exists within us. Our world gets bigger, our hearts expand and are open to all that is Now. The natural world is a beautiful place, if you choose to see it as so. So, do more today, right Now to not only exist in this moment. LIVE in this MOMENT. Experience it and let it fill you up in a way that softens you. Choose to see beauty and will discover beauty is all around you and within you, right Now.

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