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I knew when I started to expand on the idea of creating an athletic/leisure line I needed it to somehow revolve around fitness, but not limited to just workout clothes. In my last entry I gave you a bit of history on how I was motivated to create the concept of sweatyswag; in short, everyday apparel designed to inspire. That s where my tag came from. Life is Sweaty.Work it Out. You can determine that my clothing line probably has fitness clothes from my tag, but as you are learning Sweaty is not just the physical sweat it’s more about the emotional Sweat. Work it Out can be either the physical action of working out or the deeper meaning of working out your challenges and pushing through your setbacks. No matter how you look at it I hope you can identify with it and use it in your daily life. Quotes, messages, inspiration; they are all around us every day. Our job is to seek it out in the right places and look for the good. As my brand starts to evolve I want to tell a story. The story is mine, but it is You and You and You. You see, sweatyswag is about me, but it is also about every one of us. I don’t care who you are and what you do there will always be a time you need a reminder that YOU.ARE.ENOUGH. sweatyswag is that reminder on those days you lose yourself. The magic is that it is also what connects all of us. Do I believe a piece of clothing can create a lifestyle change in your life? Challenge you to go out of your comfort zone and chase your desires? That has yet to be determined, but perhaps a word, quote, inspirational message in an unexpected place can catch your eye at just the right time to trigger an emotion that challenges you to look inside yourself and go after it. That’s sweatyswag. My challenge is to continue to create silhouettes that can be worn every day and can make you feel and look good from the inside out in fabrics that feel amazing on and made in the USA. Some quotes you see in my line are ones we are all familiar with, but many will be cultivated from my own thoughts. Perhaps it is just one word written on your forearm that challenges you to look at yourself or a mirror image message (available now) that catches your eye when you look at your reflection. sweatyswag challenges you to LOVE YOURSELF or should I say fall in love with yourself over and over again. Become aware of what is holding you back and taking away the What If’s and replacing it with Why Not Me? Yes! Why not YOU?! The only difference between you and the others you admire is they are doing it! Whatever IT is.They have put themselves out there, despite their insecurities and creating the life they want to live. If I can do one thing as I continue to write these entries it is to have women identify with me and ultimately the brand sweatyswag.Believing that you can is Part 1. Part 2 is loving you and confident with the woman you are to share with others. There is an opportunity in every day to celebrate others. I challenge you to look for it; seek it out and celebrate the beautiful women in your life. I am a Mother. A MOTHER who strives to cultivate a loving, nurturing environment for my kids.Wife.A WIFE who has a loving husband and a marriage that we continue to work on every day. Fitness Enthusiast. A FITNESS ENTHUSIAST in that I love to motivate, inspire and empower women through teaching group exercise and the opportunity to push my own body to its physical limits and beyond. Entrepreneur. Small Business Owner, the list goes on, but before all this, I am a WOMAN. A WOMAN who has it together most of the time. A WOMAN who is challenging herself to be stronger than my vulnerabilities. A woman who, at 36 is discovering that I CAN be what I so deeply desire. I am speaking from my own experience that sweatyswag has changed and continues to change my life every day. I am choosing to live SWEATY: The physical, emotional feeling that drips deep into your (my) soul. This is where I am choosing to live. My biggest fears and passions subside in the SWEATY, and believe that is also where I will find my greatest successes, but will I have the power to say no to my fears and YES to my PASSIONS?! That, I believe is LIVING> What makes you SWEATY? What makes you uncomfortable so uncomfortable that you can not deny your desires? Listen to yourself and CHOOSE to live in the SWEATY with me! Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. You are every woman who has inspired my clothing line. If you believe in the message beyond the fabric leave me a comment, share my blog and support this woman who is very much like you to spread my brand!

Thank you for the opportunity to bring my vision light.



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