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Moments in Time...Celebrating the Anniversary of my mother's death...

Life is full of moments and when strung together will end up telling the story of our lives.  Although we cannot control some of these moments as they happen we can most definitely control how we react and come out of them.  Thousands will turn to social media today and discuss the many moments from the Superbowl yesterday, specifically the Halftime Show, etc, etc, Typical chit chat for Monday morning at the office. 

Today, the moments I will reflect on have very much shaped the woman I am and the woman I am becoming and it has nothing to do with what J-Lo was wearing or how sexy Shakira can shake those hips. When I refer to MOMENTS IN TIME today, I am referring to those memories that are imprinted in our mind from that moment on for the rest of our lives.  Every time we reflect back on these moments we can remember the exact time, the way we felt, where we were, who we were with, the smells around us, even what song was on the radio, or what the weather was like on that day and as time passes we can reflect back on how we have grown because of these MOMENTS IN TIME. These are the moments I will be referring to in this excerpt today and as I reflect on mine, I encourage you to dig deep for those moments or THAT MOMENT IN TIME that has shaped you are TODAY at this very moment.

Perhaps yours is a MOMENT of GREATNESS, CONFIDENCE, DISCOVERY, ADVENTURE, FAILURE, SUCCESS, SADNESS, TRAGEDY OR LOSS. Perhaps this particular MOMENT you are reflecting on right now is a combination of a few listed above. 

Today, my MOMENT is one of great loss, the loss of my mother.  It is hard to believe she passed away this morning nine years ago. THE HARDEST DAY of my life and one I didn't know how I could possibly bounce back from,  but  here I am and there you are. Living. Loving. Laughing. Learning. Smiling. Taking Chances. Moving Forward. Life goes on and so do we. This pivotal moment used to bring me to tears monthly, weekly, daily, hourly even. Nine years later this moment still catches me by surprise and it will break me down, but I refuse to let it break me. Sometimes our strength comes just from SURVIVING. 

For those of you whose moment is one of LOSS I do hope you realize they, our loved ones, are all around us. They are in our hearts of course, but they are also in our soul our very being of what makes us who we are. You may be familiar with the saying "You open your mouth and your mother comes out"  and it's true. We talked on the phone. every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. to talk about nothing and it now means EVERYTHING. There are times Ill watch a video of myself and my laugh is her laugh and my voice even eerily sounds like her. Those are moments too. MOMENTS of reminder that although she is gone she is still very much present in my life. In my kids, husband, nature,  my successes  failures, strength and especially in my weakest moments. Sometimes, I can feel my mother in the kindness of strangers or in a song lyric that comes across the radio at just the right time. 

So, today your "moment" may be becoming and expert and debating whether or not J-Lo and Shakira is everything that is right with the world or everything that is wrong with it, but know that there is someone around you with a much bigger MOMENT. A moment in time that will shape the story of their life. This could very much be their MOMENT IN TIME that could break them, and push them against the wall, fighting a battle no one knows about  and they question  if they will make it through the day, this day. TODAY to be exact.

So I guess what I am getting at here is tread lightly today and everyday.  I encourage you to  look for  the opportunities to be a light in someone's darkness. We don't need to know their backstory or have years of friendship to pick-up on that someone may be hurting or just in need of someone to notice them. Be the light. Take a break from being consumed in your phone today and lift your pretty little head and focus those beautiful peepers on those around you. Experience those moments of the everyday. Feel the energy around you and when you can offer your energy to someone who may need it, do it. Yes, it may make you feel uncomfortable to reach out to a stranger, but I assure you it is worth it. And If you are the one who is suffering, lift your pretty little head up and focus those beautiful peepers on those around you. I guarantee there is kindness and beauty around you, sometimes you just have to look for it in unexpected places. 

Why you ask? Because KINDNESS may just be the one thing, perhaps the only thing that can connect us all.  You may just be someone's MOMENT in TIME that will shape who they are and bring them back to LIVING. LOVING. LAUGHING. SMILING. MOVING FORWARD. 

So, here I am again and there you are. Your Move. Your Moment. Make it Count. Share Kindness on the 21st and everyday. 

Thank you for reading and if you feel inspired to share this message. Thank you for your kindness. 

xo, Tracey 





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