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My new MESSAGE series: TODAY. Read my WHY on this brand new collection.

Our most recent message series is entitled TODAY. TODAY because we all have the ability to make an IMPACT on ourselves and others starting with today. Each of these brand new designs is placed on the back side of the apparel in hopes that the messages will travel and INSPIRE those reading it in passing, standing behind you in line, in class, etc  and in turn will go off about their day and do the Call to Action on your shirt. The more we realize we are all connected; even in the most subtle actions such as what is listed below the more inclined we are to feel like we are part of something greater than just ourselves.That simple gesture may be just enough to bring someone back to their "happy place" if even only for a moment and that's why I wanted to do this collection. To know that I am a small part of what is good in this world, and hopefully you will too! My intent behind this collection is to inspire others to  engage, compliment, smile to someone new in our day-to-day everyday and just be good to each other. This collection is your reminder to go out and CONNECT with our fellow humans more often  and on a daily basis as we do this thing called Life.

1. Compliment a stranger today. Unexpected in the best way possible.It is a great feeling to be applauded, celebrated by someone who doesn't know you. To recognize and compliment a stranger rather than judge and criticize from afar.  When you wear this shirt I hope you set the intention to go out about your day seeking out the good to celebrate in someone else TODAY. 


2. See something beautiful in someone today. Say something beautiful to someone today. I was inspired by a friend and we will call her Tina.:) She shared a message very similar to this on her Facebook feed and sent me a message celebrating what she thought was beautiful about me. I was touched and inspired all at once and knew I had to create an opportunity to share this message with you! When you wear this message I hope you don't miss an opportunity to celebrate something beautiful in others (and yourself TODAY).


3. You have a beautiful smile. A simple statement, but hope you accept this as fact. Yes, you do have a beautiful smile now I want you to share it with everyone you pass today. It's that simple. On those days it is extremely difficult to smile that is when I want you to wear this shirt; as your reminder that yes, we have those bad days, but its just one day. Be grateful that you have more good days than bad days and walk tall and share that beautiful smile with the world! It's amazing when you start smiling at the world, the world has a way of smiling back, ya know?! :)

4. The most powerful of this message series and front and back placement.

Front reads: Are you loved today?

Back reads: YOU are loved today.

                     Loved ARE you today.

                     LOVED you are today.

The question is intended for you to sit on it, if even for a second. In this design no matter how you rearrange it it all comes back to YOU ARE LOVED. It is easy to feel lonely in a crowd at times or that no one would miss you if you were gone. Most of us may never ever go to those dark places, but all of us have moments where we feel lonely, unworthy and upset with ourselves. This shirt is my way of bringing you back to that place where you do feel loved; flaws and all. When you can't answer this question for yourself I want you to know that sweatyswag ALWAYS has LOVE for YOU. There is a real person behind this brand, and that person is me. you've got a friend in me and don't hesitate to reach out if I can be that voice for you in those dark moments. 

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xoxo, sweatyswag

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