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My Shark Tank 1 Minute Audition.. In my own words...

sweatyswag! Not only is catchy and fun to say I needed to define it; give it a heartbeat and soul so I did. Sweat, the physical, emotional feeling that drips deep into our soul and our swag is how we deal with what has been dealt and still have a thirst and want to quench it. You see, sweatyswag isn’t just something we wear; it’s how we feel when we are in it and who we aspire to become. I SWEAT for a living, but emphasize this brand is more about the emotional connection you have to this brand. sweatyswag isn’t about perfection or even the idea of it. The beautiful parts, awkward parts, ugly parts and most of all of the SWEATY PARTS is all part of it for when we are at our lowest our sweatyswag is tested. For me, it was losing my mom and I KNEW there were other WOMEN LIKE ME. I just needed a VEHICLE to MOVE MY MESSAGE and create a PLATFORM where other women could share THEIR sweaty stories.
On the 21st we share kindness in our community. It’s refreshing to find a brand that not only inspires self-love, human connection and kindness toward ourselves and each other, but is out doing these acts every month!
I lost that voice when I lost my mom, ,but I found it again with the inception of sweatyswag. I believe that my PURPOSE in this LIFE is to INSPIRE hundreds of thousands of women all over the WORLD to find their VOICE and LIVE SWEATY through this brand. Everyday, I am going in the direction of WHAT MAKES ME SWEAT and hope you will join me!
Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. Wear it proud. Wear it often. Where it all begins.
xoxo, Tracey
sweatyswag Founder


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