On the 21st we share kindness....

On the 21st of every month I share kindness.  This is a statement that echoes throughout my brand sweatyswag. For on the 21st of each month I wake up with the intent of sharing kindness with strangers in my community in hopes to inspire others to create opportunities to share kindness with others. 

I sell clothes, but on this day every month it’s not about selling clothes.  It’s about spreading a message; and that message is simple. Be Kind. Share Kindness. I believe that there are kind people in the world, I’m one of them and most likely you are too. I believe that if you want to see more kindness and good in the world we have to be the ones to create it. I believe that my clothes are my vehicle to spread the message of kindness and I believe in my power to inspire others through these acts while selling apparel for everyday living.  I pass out a bookmark with every Act of Kindness along with a handwritten message I initiate in hopes that the recipient not only reads the words they apply them to their daily life.  It’s a 5 Day Kindness Challenge and was written and designed for everyone.  Some may read through the 5 Day Challenge and see it as a nice gesture and perhaps smile and toss it. Others will smile and keep it and use it as a bookmark and that’s great too. Then there are those that will smile, keep it and apply it to their daily life and that is exactly why I do it. sweatyswag is our daily reminder to be Be Kind to ourselves and others.  Below is that Kindness Challenge expanded in case you’d like to start to apply this to your daily life on the 21st of the month and every day.

  1. It's about self-love. It's waking up in the morning, every morning and loving what you see in the mirror, no matter what. Sit there for as long as it takes and create opportunities to love something new about yourself. Get comfortable with the reflection in the mirror because it will be with you for the rest of your life. I want you to see what a unique and beautiful woman you are and smile. Smile because you mean it and  don’t walk away until you have filled  yourself  with thoughts that build you up because there is far too much else in the world to tear us down. Wake up with the intention of falling in love with yourself over and over again. You see, it’s much more difficult to share kindness if you can’t yet see it in yourself. It’s okay to struggle; my whole brand revolves around the struggle; the “sweat”. For when we sweat we begin to challenge ourselves and when we challenge ourselves we evolve and we evolve we start to become the women we desire to be. Our goals become reachable and our love for ourselves and each other magnifies.

 100% of the time I wake up and speak kind words to myself, I have a great day. There are abundances of good in this world you just got to know where to look for it and its starts inside each one of us.

 2.Then I want you to purposefully seek opportunities to BE KIND to your loved ones.  Number 2 almost always becomes my biggest challenge as I often overlook opportunities to purposely BE KIND to my loved ones. These individuals have seen us at our worst and continue to love us, no matter what. They become part of our daily routine and blend into our day-to-day. 9 times out of 10 it is my husband that I insert her as a target of this kindness. It’s not that we are not kind to each other more time than not. It’s about seeking opportunities to go out of our way to celebrate them more. Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate these individuals more often? If you are reading this today then I want you to create an opportunity to Be Kinder to a loved one today, just because. Flowers, chocolate and gifts are not needed as this kind of kindness comes straight from the heart. It's as simple as speaking the words I appreciate you. I see you and recognize you. I love you and mean it.

3. Next, go about your day and create an opportunity to Be Kind to a stranger. This one is my favorite and the basis of my monthly Kindness Initiative. I do this on days that don’t end in 21 as well, but I intentionally wake up and seek out my opportunities to share kindness with a strangers once a month. A reason why I do these Acts of Kindness is to let others know that they do have the power to influence and create joyful experiences to those we don’t know and my heart feels full every time I do.  Get uncomfortable with this.  There is something beautiful about creating a bridge between yourself and a stranger through a subtle act that can change the course of their day and yours. Knowing that I created an opportunity to make someone smile that wouldn’t have been their otherwise makes me smile… and that feels good; plain and simple.  sweatyswag.com to join our subscriber list and learn how you can become part of our Kindness Initiatives!

 4. Inspire Kindness. Share kindness from a place of expecting nothing in return and people will notice. Genuine, sincere acts of kindness are empowering and in doing so will inspire others to do the same.

 5. The most important of all! Share this Challenge and help spread this message of      Being Kind and Sharing Kindness. Kindness is contagious and hopefully after reading a bit more about my brand you are infected with kindness too! Don’t keep it to yourself. Speak it! Share it! Spread Kindness with everyone you know and single handedly make your world, our world, a much kinder place. You have the power. We have the power…


There is an opportunity in everyday to show kindness to ourselves, the ones we love and our community. Thank you for spreading kindness wherever you go!

Know that when your purchase sweatyswag you are directly supporting our Monthly Kindness Initiatives as proceeds help fund these Initiatives.



Life is Sweaty. Work it Out.









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  • Hi Tracy, it’s Santa (aka John) from from in front of the Jewel earlier today. First, I’d like to thank you for the gift card and spreading kindness. I love your positive attitude and energy. I was intrigued in learning about your business and enjoyed reading your cause. I hope you have tremendous success and continue to inspire others as you have me. May the kindness you spread soon come back your way. Thanks for being a positive person in what is often a bitter society! Sincerely, John Conversa

    John Conversa

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