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Plan. Prepare. Execute. SWEAT. Repeat!

I've been meaning to sit down and write this post for a few weeks now, but sometimes when you are in the thick of a "sweaty" moment, as I will refer to it, we may not want to yet face it head on. Today is Monday and as  I sip my coffee and enjoy this quiet moment before the day unfolds  I reflect on my weeks past to put a plan in place that will make this sweaty moment yet another opportunity to challenge myself and come out better than I was before. For this time,  the sweat that will leave me will be drops of self-doubt and fear, but mostly fear. Fear of failing. Fear of the unknown. Fear of working my ass off and still falling on my face.

I realize from taking a look inside myself that I have can confidently say with 100% certainty that I have never walked out of a workout worse than when I walked in and I have come out stronger from every, single, emotionally sweaty moment of my life. Every. Single One.

With that said it is a bit easier for me to look from the outside in and realize that this sweaty moment I am in will also result in a stronger, more confident Me whether I realize it or not.  What I find most challenging is that I can't rely on anyone else to get me through because the battle is within me and although kind words and encouragement are great and appreciated it is not until I decide to push through the sweat, the unknown, the uncomfortable  and come with a plan based on observations and fact that I will rise again.  At the end of the day it IS a CHOICE. I can choose to be a VICTIM or I can CHOOSE to push up my sleeves and come with a PLAN and EXECUTE.  That's it.

It is important to me to share my stories as I continue to build this brand from the ground up and if I only shared the successes well, one, I would be misleading you and two I would  be misleading myself as well. sweatyswag revolves around the "sweaty moments" in everyday life, physical and emotional that center around each one of us. There may be other factors  involved in what makes you sweaty and uncomfortable, but ultimately it is US that has the POWER to DECIDE how we react and come out stronger from each one.

Let's talk about SWEAT, baby. Let's talk about You and Me... If you are a 80's baby then you know where I'm going with this and if you aren't that's ok, too as my age is beginning to show and I'm ok with that.


I opened a pop up shop space this holiday season as an opportunity to spread my brand and it' s message to set myself up for a profitable 2018. I had a plan, I asked questions and I weighed out the risks and I went with it. First 10 days was amazing! I had a ton of support from those who I already have a relationship with and even had a few Fans that came out to shop sweatyswag because they love what it stands for. Awesome, right?! I worked off-site events as well in addition to my pop up as I had set a number in my head and wasn't going to stop till I hit it, and I did for those first 10 days.


Then Black Friday approached and I was feeling fantastic! I had momentum. The store looked fantastic. I had inventory and  I had a plan in place. I was prepared and was about to execute to again hit the numbers I had set for myself. Black Friday came and went and it was disappointing to say the least.  1 year of many successes and I let 3 days of slow sales define me. I began to doubt myself on all levels and I began to feel sorry for myself and I became a victim. Why me? I work my ass off and I still failed in my eyes. I played the VICTIM for about 5 days after that and let my negative self-talk get to me. As I mentioned above it is a CHOICE. There is always a CHOICE.

About 5 days later I woke up and CHOSE to become the HERO of my own ambitions.  Nothing had changed. I still had slow sales, same space, same product, but I DECIDED to begin to FOCUS on what was going right. 3 days of slow sales, but I had 1 year behind me of strong sales, successful events, multiple testimonies on how this brand is changing the way we think about ourselves and women of all ages actually really adore my product.  I began to shut up the NEGATIVE INTERNAL DIALOGUE that consumed me for almost 1 week and began to come up with a PLAN. A little over a week later I have a PLAN and I am beginning to put into ACTION. I wrote down my observations from the weekend and realized that the only thing that was missing was foot traffic in my door.  So, the PLAN is simple. CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for myself to bring foot traffic in my door. Selling the clothes is/was never the issue. Creating an audience and bringing people to me is my challenge.  That is something I can CONTROL, to a certain extent So, I started to reach out to Girl Scout Leaders as I created a 60 minute Kindness Event geared toward this age range and had over 20 Troop Leaders interested! I have already booked 6 Troops, booked more off-site events in December and introduced my Kindness Ambassadors to help spread my message. 


I've never been afraid of working hard. I will do whatever it takes to build this brand. However, I am, sometimes afraid to fail. I will say it again. I've never walked out of a work out feeling worse than when I walked in and I have come out stronger from every, single, emotionally sweaty moment of my life. Every. Single One.


I believe I have begun to yet again find my sweatyswag.  :) 

This brand started because of my story, but it will evolve because of yours. Life is Sweaty. Mine is and so is yours. It's how we Work it Out and find our "swag" that defines us.


Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog. If you like what you've read please share this post and help me spread this brand to all!





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