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Shark Tank auditions!

This past weekend I SWEAT in a big way by flying out to Vegas and auditioning for Season 12 of Shark Tank!! There are so many things that begin to happen when you expose yourself to "SWEAT" and I want to share some of what happened to me as I went in THE DIRECTION OF WHAT MADE ME SWEAT. 

I chose to go solo to Vegas for several reasons. Let's be  honest, traveling as a family of 4 can get real expensive, real fast, so traveling solo was my only option, lol. 

But for real... I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of traveling alone and if you never have, I highly recommend you do it! For when you travel alone you are exposed to vulnerability in a way that you may not otherwise experience when you are in the "bubble." You know the bubble. The surroundings, the people, the routines that give us that comfort of well, being comfortable. When we remove the "bubble," we open ourselves up to sweat, and well, live in a way that we may not be comfortable with and that's an amazing thing. :)   

"There are dreamers and they are doers. What the world needs is more dreamers that do."

This is a quote that I stumbled across a few years ago. It took me a few moments for this to sink when I first read it, but when I did it has become one of those quotes that I refer to often. You see, most of my life I have been a dreamer, but I'm not afraid of  do-ing either. I have always been a hard worker. But dreaming and doing were always things that I did separately. This weekend was an example of putting this quote into action by reaching out and bringing a dream to surface by actually doing what is needed to bring this dream to light. 

Everything about this experience is exactly what I needed to find that fire in my belly and remind me of WHY I started in the first place. 

I arrived early to be sure I received a wristband (#33 to be exact) for a guarantee to give me the opportunity to "sell" myself in 60 seconds! Do you know how hard it is to condense everything that has happened over the past two years and get a complete stranger to "buy-in" to my business enough to advance me to the next set of auditions. Let  me tell you, it was hard!!! On top of that you are in a huge ballroom along with hundreds of your newest friends and are pitching to your casting director just as the next is pitching a few feet away from you!   

Casting stresses that our chances are slim, very slim, that we will get a call back as thousands will audition, but of course, everyone thinks that their product is the bees knees and deserving of a call back. So... now, I SWEAT. Wait for a phone call that may never happen. 

Do I deserve to get that call back? ABSOLUTELY! I have had steady sales growth and have my share of success over these past 2 years. I felt very good about how I executed my pitch and feel I have built a brand that has the capability of exploding with the opportunity of appearing on the show. I have seen dozens of entrepreneurs walk into the show with a lot less, but that's not my decision. Will I get a call back? I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be disappointed if I don't receive that call, but you know what, it doesn't define me. How I act from that moment on will. 

Do I WANT to be on the show? Uh, hell yeah!! To have the exposure and the potential opportunity to expose sweatyswag on a national level could literally explode the brand overnight and in ways I couldn't at this time.

The bigger question is: Do I NEED to be on the show? No. As much as I would WANT an investment and mentorship and knowledge of a shark, at the end of the day, I DON'T NEED IT.

Preparing for this audition I SET MYSELF UP FOR FAILURE and I have never felt more ALIVE than I have as I anticipated my one minute opportunity that I literally SWEAT over for weeks, years if you want to include the IDEA of auditioning for the show.

The BEAUTY of setting yourself up for failure is that you are creating an  opportunity to SWEAT in a way that you may have never thought you could. That IS sweatyswag! In those hours that I waited in line from 6 am this past weekend, I have never felt more ALIVE and measuring the ENERGY in the room neither has the thousands I was surrounded by. We all came from different cities, different backgrounds, different products and different backstories. We were of all ages and all colors and nationalities. 

But, the true beauty is not what made us different, but what made us the same. I may never know the name of the thousands that surrounded me this past weekend, but undoubtedly they became a part of a significant part in my life and there is a chance that I played a small part in a significant part of theirs and that's CONNECTION and it is a BEAUTIFUL THING. :) 

In fact, I believe LIFE HAPPENS when you perspire, emotionally that is. When you go in the DIRECTION OF WHAT MAKES YOU SWEAT you EXPOSE yourself to what could be. Not knowing what's around the corner is scary and sweaty and most will let the fear of the uncertainty and POSSIBILITY OF FAILURE stop them. 

I say stop FAILING yourself and go in the direction of what makes you SWEAT. I assure you, when you seek out what MAKES YOU SWEAT the most, you will find your sweatyswag along the way. :)


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 Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. -sweatyswag 







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  • My boyfriend and I watch that show all the time. Girl, it would be BOMB if you got that call back. Cheers to you and a successful 2019! I look forward to seeing your business grow! #SWEATYSWAG #2019ISYOURYEAR #BEASTMODE


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