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First, let me say that I am not a writer. I find it difficult to translate my journey into words, but then again I don’t consider myself defined by a set of standards written by others. Today, however, I AM a writer, enthusiastically ready to share my story. #sweatyswaginspired story.

“She believed she could so she did” stopped me dead in my tracks that Saturday morning. When I read that quote it changed my life, perspective and how I view myself. Things were hectic. I just got married, had our first baby, bought a house and turned 30 all in the same year. That same year my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer…only to lose her fight six months later. On top of all that I opened a gym with my husband.

That’s where sweatyswag was born although I didn’t know it yet. SWEATY, well that’s what LIFE IS; the physical, emotional feeling that drips deep into your soul. SWAG, how you deal with what has been dealt and still have a thirst and want to quench it. I realized that I am only as STRONG as I think I am. If I was going to instill the desire to go after their dreams in my kids I must first quench my own thirst and go after mine. You are wearing a sum of my desires (or hopefully soon will be).

When you wear sweatyswag I hope it’s more than a mantra on a shirt. It’s how you feel when you’re in it. It’s a way of Life, Your Sweaty Life. How you view yourself, you’re beautiful by the way and others, (they’re beautiful too). Here I was in the presence of some amazing women through our gym who was not only physically strong but mentally. These same women who could recognize the beauty in others had a difficult time recognizing the same qualities in themselves. sweatyswag symbolizes seeing the beauty in you and celebrating the beauty in each other. It’s a pick me up when you need it and one to share. It’s a personal wake-up call when you deserve it and extension of your internal dialogue; or for me, a quote on a T-shirt that reminds you that YOU. ARE. ENOUGH. sweatyswag is your daily reminder to appreciate the good because there is a lot of it and let go of the bad.

Go after what inspires you and the rest will fall into place just as it should. Are they just words on a shirt or is sweatyswag just what you needed at just the right time to go in the direction of your desires. Everyone has a story. You are every woman who inspired my clothing line whether we are friends or have yet to meet. We are sweatyswag and we have the power to transform ourselves into the women we want to be now and always. Life is Sweaty.Work it Out.Wipe it Off and Keep Going!

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