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What is your sweatyswag?

When I feel inspired, I write…

sweatyswag is personal as this brand is so connected to my own story and as it begins to grow I notice that it has now evolved to become part of others’ story. Fulfillment is knowing that I did this. I have this deep desire to inspire women and clothing is my way to tell my story in such a way that it evokes a desire in others, maybe you, to go after it.

What is “IT” for you? What is your sweatyswag? Is “IT” STRENGTH. RESILIENCE.PASSION. SELF-LOVE. DESIRE. GRIT. CONFIDENCE. FULFILLMENT. ACCEPTANCE. LOVE. FORGIVENESS. PROGRESS. FAITH. GRACE. PURPOSE. BEAUTY.GRATEFUL. That’s for you to define, decide and bring it to light.  sweatyswag is all of us and it is IN all of us. Our sweatyswag changes as often or as little as it needs to and lights a fire deep within us that we can’t help, but create the opportunities to get us closer to the women, woman we want to be. 

It’s who I am. The beautiful parts. The awkward parts, the ugly parts and most of all the “sweaty parts”. All of it and everything that falls in-between. It’s who we are. Life is Sweaty. Work it Out. This brand isn’t about perfection or even the idea of it. Failure, sweat, tears, all those dark moments, all play an integral part in it for when we are at our lowest our sweatyswag is tested. At these defining moments the outcome may be unclear, but we know that we will forever be changed and that’s GROWTH. Perhaps, you don’t see it that way, but I do. You see, the lowest part of my life was the death of my mom. As the years go by the more I can say with a 100% certainty that the growth from this low point is where sweatyswag was born, although I didn’t know it yet. I felt truly lost during this time in my life and struggled a lot. Hell, almost 8 years later I still struggle…a lot. But, you know what, that’s life. We all have those moments where we feel completely lost and ultimately it is only ourselves that can save ourselves.   Can I continue to go through life being angry and feeling sorry for myself that I lost my mom at a young age? Yes, I suppose I can, but what does that get me?

sweatyswag is about embracing ALL that makes us who we are and LOVING it all. sweatyswag isn’t perfect, either, and SELF-LOVE is practice. It’s who we are. It’s about recognizing it and being okay with our faults. SELF-LOVE. There’s that word again. It is important and  the more I am able to connect with others through this brand the more I believe it is everything.  Today, as I write this blog I do believe SELF-LOVE is my sweatyswag. At the beginning of this post I thought it was fulfillment and on a different day at different time fulfillment may be my sweatyswag. Yes! Today, right now, it IS SELF-LOVE. Loving myself so deeply that I will not let negativity and self-doubt creep in and define my story. I deserve everything (and so do you)  and the more I practice to say KIND words to myself the less I will give into FEAR and the more I will act out of LOVE. The LOVE I have for myself.  You see, it doesn’t matter that I am LOVED by others. I am surrounded by it. The love my husband has for me, my kids, my friends, family and people that I don’t even realize truly love me. I need to LOVE me, all of me. All of the time.  


Now, to be clear. I DO love myself; deeply actually. But, as I said, self-love is a practice and I am learning to forgive myself and love myself more in those moments that I want to tear myself down. The more I build myself up in the moments that can tear me down.. that is my progress. That is where my story will evolve and continue to inspire others. 


I want to know. WE want to know! What is YOUR sweatyswag? Today. Right now. I would love to hear how you define your sweatyswag. #whatisyoursweatyswag on Instagram @sweatyswaginspired and let your #story #inspire others.


Lastly, you are loved. you are beautiful and you have been given exactly what is needed to be exactly what you choose in this life.


Thank you for reading this post and if you feel inclined to do so please share this post and help me spread this brand designed to inspire.

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  • It was fun meeting you today and doing your kindness challenge with that wheel I totally want for my house (young kids would dig it). So how’d your mom die? Mine got 5 separate cancers (wtf?!), kicked them ALL, then died of organ failure. Then 3m later dad died and I believe it was from grief. He had a heart attack or stroke, we don’t know which, after months of panic attacks and not sleeping and so forth. Then I got the panic after he died. Quite a lot to process all at once at a time when your kids are so little and needy and don’t leave you alone to think for even a second! Anyway I’m 6 years out now (you?) and feeling better. 😁. Of course. Hope you’re well as well. Love your clothing too- so soft and pretty! Have a great night!

  • This was so well written and something I needed to read. Today. I needed this today. My sweatyswag right now is discovery. I am on a 30 day journey of discovery. Today I am learning things about myself I didn’t know were there. It’s a funny thing to learn about yourself…ya know cause it’s you! On the 21st of this month I will be on day 20 of my journey. (Also be watching my niece) I will set my Intention that morning when I come to my mat to think of all the people coming out to sweat with you that day!

    Have a great day!


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