About Us

Glad you're here! Life is Sweaty. Work it Out.

You are every woman who has inspired my clothing line and look forward to establishing a relationship with you through the sweatyswag community. I can't wait to share my clothing, story, vision, and culture of everyday clothing that is meant to inspire. When you wear sweatyswag I hope it's more than a message on a shirt. It's how you feel when you are in it. It's a way of life; your Sweaty Life. How you view yourself, (you're beautiful by the way) and how you view others; they're beautiful too. sweatyswag symbolizes seeing the beauty in you and celebrating the beauty in each other. It's a pick me up when you need it and one to share when they need it. sweatyswag is your daily reminder to appreciate the good because there is a lot of it. There are inspiration and messages all around us. sweatyswag encourages you to see the beauty in the every day, celebrate it and to pass it along.

sweatyswag Founder, Tracey Janowitz